There is no IT

Tämä kirjoitus on käännetty myös suomeksi: IT:tä ei ole omassa.

A self-proclaimed “seasoned IT professional” was wondering on Facebook today, why on earth is Twitter so popular. Twitter is, the IT pro said, “the worst software application there is”.

He had two reasons: it is social and there is a restriction on how many characters you can enter.

I am baffled by why I have to explain this to you in 2016. To you, a seasoned IT professional.

Dear IT pro, I wonder if you still have a job. You certainly don’t work for Nokia, because the likes of you must have gotten fired very long time ago. But way too late at the same time.

I’m sorry to be the one to report this to you, but no amount of IT skillz in the world will make you understand why Twitter is popular.

That is because there is no IT. Because everything is IT.

You can’t understand Twitter from the point of view of IT. You can’t understand any piece of software from that point of view today.

You have to understand people now. Where by now I mean you should have understood that years ago.

I am happy that the likes of you don’t pick software anymore. Instead, normal people do. Democracy won and you and your limited view of the world have been voted off.

Of course, there still are plenty of corporate IT jobs where you can go hide for the time being. But your time has come.

Oh, and Twitter is one of the finest pieces of software there is. It has a nice set of features actually and by god we all know you love features. You just have to look behind the 140 characters.

Remember when you used to laugh at iPhone because of its lacking features? You could have maybe learned something from that?

But I guess you never will.