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Aki Björklund

The Evolution of WordPress Software Development at WordCamp Europe 2015

Update: the video of the presentation is now available on WordPress.tv: My WordCamp Europe 2015 talk on The Evolution of WordPress Software Development: […]

My WordCamp Finland 2015 talk on page performance optimization

On May 8th, 2015 I did a talk at WordCamp Finland about WordPress page performance optimization. Here are the links for things that […]

My WordPress origin story

WordPress.org profiles have this one question about your WordPress origin story. That question inspired me to write my WordPress story here. My initial […]

Mobile first – are you really?

You did just use the buzzword “mobile first” to describe the design of your latest website. But did you really do it right? […]

WordPress Software Development at H1. Part 3: Application Code

PostType classes Since WordPress is a CMS, the most important thing is content. So let’s first look into what would a post type […]