On Twenty Seventeen

As this blog runs on WordPress nightlies (and has been so for ages), I felt it was a good fit to run the upcoming default theme, Twenty Seventeen too.

It was fairly easy project to migrate to. My old theme, which was not much to look at, did contain some code that did not really belong to a theme. So I moved that code out to a plugin. After that, I found it very easy to customize Twenty Seventeen to my needs (which is hardly surprising as this site is just a simple blog).

I did like the typography of Twenty Seventeen, but I like speed more, so the Google Fonts had to go.

One thing irritated me though. The WordPress template system to be exact. One can easily replace any parent template file in a child theme by just introducing it with the same file name than the original. But to me, this is equally bad as pluggable functions are. You will lose all updatability of the whole template code if you do so, and often you need to do just a simple modification, not rewrite everything.

In my case, I wanted to modify something there should be a filter for: get_template_part. I could have loaded a different template part in one specific case instead of replacing the whole template that calls get_template_part. But turns out there is not. It’s one of those Trac tickets that are ancient and have a lot of discussion, but they never went anywhere. Oh well.