Time for something new

One thing that should always happen is that you learn. No matter how bad things happen to you, you can always at least learn from them.

This is what we do constantly in this profession. Learn new things. All day every day. So, applying it on a higher level should not be that hard.

I’ve always been a learner.

What I’ve learned during my sabbatical and before that is that I want freedom and independence at work. Also, the identity of an entrepreneur is strong in me.

So, what I ended up doing was to create another company. But this time, not to make it an agency, just to enable me to sell my work.

The company is thus simply called Aki Björklund oy ab (can you spot the pun?). I got a nice short domain name for it: oyab.co. You can read more about my services and how to contact me there.