“Free” as in “free beer,” not as in “free speech”

Chris Anderson’s latest book, “Free” is free on Amazon to download for the Kindle or the Kindle app on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Or is it? No, sorry, to access it you need the Kindle (not available outside United States) or the Kindle app. If you try to download the app from the iTunes Store without an appropriate account, it says:

iTunes dialog: Your account is only valid for purchases in the Finnish iTunes Store. Clicking OK will take you to this store.

But I am not purchasing anything! I am simply trying to download a free piece of software! To access a free piece of content. And I am not allowed to do that in a disrespectful way.

Way to go, Amazon, Apple and Chris Anderson!

Free is also an ideology. Don’t forget that.

iPhone 3G vastaan iPhone 3GS – katso hurjat videot!

John Gruber teki pari pikaista nopeustestiä uudelle 3GS -mallille verrokkina vanha 3G-malli. Erot ovat todella huomattavia.


Sovelluksen (PCalc) käynnistysnopeustesti:

Lisäys (21.6.): lisää videoita.

Toisen sovelluksen (Tweetie) käynnistymisnopeustesti:

Safarin skrollausnopeus :

Lähikuva matalassa valossa (3GS):

3G S Close-Up Low Light

Sama kuva vanhalla 3G-mallilla:

3G Close-Up Low Light

Video matalassa valossa:

Lisäys: AnandTech: iPhone 3GS Performance: 54% Faster than the 3G, 11% Faster than the Pre, edelleen via sama lähde.

V-moda Vibe II with iPhone 3G – a short review

V-moda is a manufacturer of some expensive headphones. Vibe II is an evolution to their older models that have been criticized for their durability.

Vibe II headphones are made of black metal and fabric cord. They have a separate remote and a microphone attached to the cord, both made of steelI have been using these headphones for a few days now. The most important factor for me, the build quality, seems good. Not insane, like with the iPhone, but enough to make you trust that they will last more than a few weeks. Being an extensive user of headphones and having broken so many pairs of “cheap” Sony headphones I was willing to pay a little bit more. Time will tell if it was worth it.

The V-moda Vibe IIs are in-ear headphones and thus make some cord noise when you move. Using the supplied “earhooks” (click to the fourth image of the Flash slide show to see a picture) this noise can be noticeably reduced thou not completely removed. V-moda claims that the headphones have some kind of noise-isolating technology. I have no idea how that works or if it is just marketing talk, but they seem to block outside noises efficiently. There is little or no need to turn the volume up in noisy environments.

The source of the most problems in durability, the plug, seems solid and fits the iPhone jack perfectly. I had a minor issue with it at first: the headphone jack of my iPhone had a chunk of lint inside it that prevented the microphone and the play/pause button from working. After removing the lint all was okay.

The weight of these things is noticeable. I actually first thought that they weight as much as my iPod nano. In reality, they weight 22 grams while the iPod weights 37 grams.

I have read that the Vibe II has a bass-heavy sound signature. Maybe so, but I can’t complain. I probably wouldn’t mind even heavier bass. Other than that they sound great. I mostly listen to podcasts and audiobooks, so my needs of audio quality are not that high.

In summary I am really satisfied. I will update this review after a longer period of use if anything worthwhile will come up durability-wise. I really hope not.

By the way, I have to say, the V-moda’s website looks really 90’s. With Flash navigation and background music and all! I would not comment on it otherwise, but they keep advertising how fashionable their products are.

SuperGenPass: A Free Bookmarklet Password Generator

Update 2009-7-16: SuperGenPass is not that secure


SuperGenPass allows you to remember just one password (your “master password”), which is used to generate unique, complex passwords for the Web sites you visit. SuperGenPass is a bookmarklet, so there’s no software to install. It works right from your Web browser and integrates with login forms. SuperGenPass never stores or transmits your passwords, so it’s easy and safe to use on multiple computers—even while traveling. It’s also completely free.

Pääsin tällä bookmarkletilla pysyvästi eroon huonojen ja sivustojen välillä toistuvien salasanojen ongelmasta. Toimii myös iPhonessa.

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